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Phytophthora zoospore motility

Motile spores facilitate plant infection. Phytophthora pathogens produce motile biflagellate zoospores that can target and swim to suitable infection sites on potential host plants.

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Function of molecular chaperones in the export and display of parasite proteins
    Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
    Functional characterisation of novel autotransporter proteins
      Honours, Bachelor
      Fungal bioinformatics
        Fungal effector uptake into plant cells
          Not open to students.
          Genes, diet and environment
            Honours, PhD
            Genetics and evolution of variation in chemical defence against herbivores
              Not open to students.
              Genetics to improve production of essential oils from Australian trees
                Not open to students.
                Genital evolution in insects
                  Honours, PhD
                  Genome wide association mapping
                    Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
                    Genotypic variation in Rubisco between diverse wheats
                      Not open to students.
                      Global patterns of biodiversity
                        Honours, PhD
                        Habitat quality as a driver of fisheries productivity on macroalgal reefs Not open to students.
                        Have megajournals changed the way that science is done?
                          Honours, PhD
                          Honours projects are now available to study a wide range of topics in biosecurity and pathogenesis
                            HONOURS/MSC PROJECTS: Thermal tolerance and response to climate change in plants from extreme environments
                              Bachelor, Honours, Masters
                              How do animals learn about poisonous plants?
                                Not open to students.
                                How do biological molecules distinguish between ions?
                                  Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
                                  How do effector proteins from necrotrophic fungi cause disease in wheat
                                    Bachelor, Honours, PhD
                                    How do RNA binding proteins find the right partner?
                                      Honours, Bachelor, PhD
                                      Identification and characterisation of membrane transport proteins
                                        Not open to students.
                                        Identification and functional characterisation of flax rust effectors
                                          Honours, Masters, PhD
                                          Identification of 2000 novel protein isoforms in the human and mouse genomes
                                            Bachelor, PhD
                                            Identification of molecular mechanisms of action and direct target genes of developmental signalling pathways in sponges
                                              Identification of target genes of developmental transcription factors Brachyury, Gata and Caudal in sponges
                                                Impact of early thermal environments on thermal behaviour and physiology in lizards