Can seedling screens of energy use efficiency in wheat transfer to yield in the field?


This project would be a part of the larger International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) project aiming to optimise energy use efficiency in wheat to maximise potential yield. While we have had promising results in the field, the ability to screen for energy efficient wheat varieties at the seedling stage would be a great advantage in the incorporation of these traits into wheat pre-breeding programs. This project will test a number of high throughput phenomics tools (including hyperspectral reflectance) in their ability to predict the biomass and yield of wheat varieties in the field.

Possible Techniques: Phenomics (including hyperspectral reflectance, high throughput measures of photosynthesis and respiration); possible biochemistry (metabolomics and proteomics); possible genomics (phenotype prediction); statistical analysis (spatial analysis and linear mixed models)

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