Training and Workshops

Research School of Biology's Centres and Facilities can offer various short courses and workshops to Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and Higher Degree Researchers (HDRs).  You can find courses and workshops through the links below.

ARC Training Centre for Future Crops Development (FCTC

The ARC Training Centre for Future Crops Development has been established to train a new generation of researchers and leaders to build new capabilities for agriculture.  The Centre will train Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and  Higher Degree Researchers (HDRs) in new Agri-technologies and in analysing socio-economic opportunities. They will work with industry partners and communities on projects that improve the yield and nutritional value of the crops that provide much of humanity’s dietary energy and protein. The Training Centre will integrate wet-lab research and training in advanced gene technology with the mechanisms that help translate research outcomes into the real world including training in regulatory systems, social engagement for policy impact, and the scientists’ role in policy formation. 

Biological Data Science Institute (BDSI

We offer a range of short courses for professional development throughout the year, providing convenient flexible education opportunities for a broad audience including R Training I: Scientific Reproductivity in the Biological Sciences; R Training II: Building transparent Reproducible Analysis Workflows; R Training III: Becoming an Ambassador for Scientific Reproducibility and Introduction to Linux.   There are also Drop In Sessions weekly to assist with computational biology and statistical issues. 

Centre for Biodiversity Analysis (CBA)

The Centre for Biodiversity Analysis offers workshops on population- and phylo-genomics, macro evolution and ecology, biodiversity informatics, and molecular wet lab training in introductory and advanced genomic technologies. 

Ecogenomics and Bioinformatics Lab (EBL

The EBL is offering introductory basic training workshop on the fundamental aspects of molecular lab research. It’s aimed at new Honours and PhD students, but I welcome interest from anyone else who thinks they might benefit from an intro to genetics lab-work or is interested in dabbling. This workshop is NOT designed for students doing a predominantly genetics/ genomics project within the support of a strong molecular lab, and/or have good molecular training at undergrad. Rather it’s aimed at those who have a less molecular background and are either new to genetics or who have a small genetic component to their project.  The course is three full days, no charge.  Contact Niccy Aitken for more info.

Science, Health and Medicine - Career Development Framework

The Career Development Framework helps HDR students in the ANU College of Science, and the ANU College of Health Medicine develop, and get recognition for, a board range of academic and work relevant skills.  During your PhD studies, this framework will help you think about skills you would like to develop, identify opportunities and facilitate discussions with your supervisor about your options.  To complete the program you undertake workshops and other activities in at least two of the Career Development Tracks: Research, Teaching and Learning, Industry and Innovation and Policy and Governance.
Upon successful completion of the program you will receive certification from the College that recognises your achievements and helps you communicate your skills and experiences to future employers.
Further information and to request access email