Graduate Research in Biomedical Science and Biochemistry

MinIon workshop

Research in biomedical science & biochemistry covers biochemical and molecular biological research into a range of biological systems. We offer research projects in a range of biological systems, which involve fundamental investigations and applications of molecular, physiological, cellular, developmental and genetic processes in animals, plants, micro-organisms and viruses.

Studies cover the experimental disciplines of molecular biology, biotechnology, cell biology, genomics, microbiology, genetics, immunology, virology, parasitology, and entomology. The areas in which research is carried out include macro molecular structure and function, cell structure and function, membrane biology, proteomics, functional genomics, molecular and cellular immunology and microbial genetics. These utilise modern techniques and strategies, with biotechnology and genomics being areas in which the pace of discovery has been exceptionally rapid. A number of research groups have also incorporated commercialisation into their research programs with applications in plant and animal disease and development.

We draw on the broad spectrum of expertise and facilities of Canberra's large and distinguished biological and biomedical research community. This creates a dynamic and well resourced program, including multiple seminar series, courses and specialist expertise and facilities encompassing a broad spectrum of biology. Consequently, students have access to the University's well equipped laboratories, which include protein and DNA analysis facilities, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance facilities, microarray facilities, electron microscopy flowcytometry, histology, and an x-ray crystallography laboratory.

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