Rhytiphora lateralis front Dillwynia pea (credit Stuart Harris)

Beetle mania! PhD student Lauren is reshaping the family tree of longhorn beetles »

PhD student Lauren Ashman is on a mission with the ANU Research School of Biology and the CSIRO to find out where Rhytiphora Longhorn beetles came from. Using DNA sequencing, she hopes to organise Rhytiphora into cleaner groups. Knowing the family groups is important for museum collectors and conservationists working on Australian land, Lauren says. And also for farmers, for whom longhorn beetles can be timber and crop pests.
Wheat photo courtest of Keith/Ewing on flickr

Research working to make wheat fungus a thing of the past  »

Researchers have a new understanding of the genetic makeup of a fungus that causes the disease Wheat Stripe Rust, one of the most destructive wheat diseases globally costing $1 billion annually.