Service teams supporting the Research School of Biology.

Administration Team »

RSB Administration is responsible for the provision of administrative services, both at the Division and School level.

Biology Teaching and Learning Centre »

The Biology Teaching and Learning Centre (BTLC) coordinates all biology teaching across the campus.

Building and Infrastructure Services Team »

The RSB Building and Infrastructure Services Team provides support, management and organisation of all activities related to building and building infrastructure issues in RSB.

Compliance Services Team »

The RSB Compliance Team provides support, management and organisation activities for all compliance issues in the School.

Controlled Environment Facility »

The Controlled Environment Facility (CEF) houses 20 walk in rooms, 47 free standing cabinets, two communal laboratories, and two autoclaves.

IT Services Team »

Located in Bldg 46, Level 1, Rm E104, the RSB IT services team supports the IT needs of the School.

Joint Field Services »

RSB undertakes fieldwork as part of its research and teaching activities in a wide range of locations and ecosystems.

Plant Services Team »

The Plant Services team supports the School’s plant research by providing horticultural advice and assistance on all aspects of plant care and cultivation, advice on experimental setup within the plant growth facilities as well as undertaking the day-to-day operations, maintenance and management of the facilities and associated equipment.

Purchasing and Store Team »

The RSB Purchasing & Store team handles purchasing – goods and services purchased as required from external suppliers; and the store – stock held on site.