Honorary groups

Find out more about our honorary groups below.

Badger Group - Photosynthetic functional genomics »

Led by: Murray Badger

The Badger Group is focused on understanding the ways different photosynthetic organisms have adapted to efficiently fix CO2, where CO2 is a limiting substrate.

Behm Group - Nematode molecular biology »

Led by: Carol Behm

We use powerful biological resources provided by C. elegans to study aspects of nematode biochemistry, molecular biology and behaviour, and control methods.

Callaghan Group - Human disease and membrane transport »

Led by: Richard Callaghan

Our research focuses on understanding the contributions of membrane transport processes to disease and overcoming their impact in treating disease.

Chow Group - Thylakoid structure and function »

Led by: Wah Chow

We investigate the structural organization of the thylakoid membrane; electron flow in leaves; quantification of Photosystem II; and photodamage.

Chung Group - Biophysics of ion channels »

Led by: Shin-Ho Chung

We are developing a computational program to study the interaction between polypetpides (drugs, toxins, other large molecules) and membrane ion channels.

Crisp Group - Plant systematics and biogeography »

Led by: Michael Crisp

Our research interests include phylogenetics and classification of Australian plants, origins, biogeography and diversification of flora.

Gordon Group - Population biology of micro-organisms »

Led by: David Gordon

We study the functional role and evolution of bacteriocins, the ecology and evolution of the Enterobacteriaceae, and the ecology and evolution of plasmids.

Maleszka Group - From molecules to behaviour »

Led by: Ryszard Maleszka

We are investigating diverse epigenetic mechanisms in the context of behaviour and developmental plasticity, mainly using the honey bee model.

Verma Group - Bacterial and bacteriophage genetics, and vaccine development »

Led by: Naresh Verma

We investigate the molecular mechanism of the O-antigen modification in S. flexneri by studying the structure proteins responsible for these changes.

Zeil Group - Ecological neuroscience »

Led by: Jochen Zeil

We are interested in insect navigation and the sensory, neural and behavioural adaptations that underpin navigational competence in insects.