Hiroto Naora Graduate Student Travel Scholarship

Professor Hiroto Naora (centre) with current and former award winners, from left, Ariel Ivanovici, Tom Rowell, Flor Danila and Holly Yuan, and his daughter, Honami Naora, an ANU biology alumna, now Associate Professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Professor Hiroto Naora & former award winners

Funding for this award was donated to the School by Professor Hiroto Naora, who was one of the founding faculty members of the ANU Research School of Biological Sciences (RSBS). He joined the School in 1968, and established the Molecular Biology Unit, which he directed until his official retirement in the mid-1990s. The Hiroto Naora scholarship is awarded annually to three HDR students, one from each division in RSB. Winners are selected by a panel of judges at the annual RSB Higher Degree Research student conference. The first award was made in 2011. 

Following Professor Naora’s death in 2019, additional funding for this award was donated by his daughter Honami Naora, in his memory.


  • 2019 Kalya Subasinghe (E&E), Pravin Khambalkar (PS), Vanessa Howieson (BSB)
  • 2018 Eve Cooper (E&E), Sanduni Hapuarachchi (BSB), Yu Zhou (PS)
  • 2017 Ariel Ivanovici (PS), Thomas Rowell (E&E), Sarah Shafik (BSB)
  • 2016 Philippa Beale (E&E), Florence Danila (PS), Erick Tjhin (BSB)
  • 2015 Liam Bailey (EEG), Shao-Yu Lin (PS), Kathryn Parker (BSB)
  • 2014 Damien Esquerre (EEG), Tiffany Russell (BSB), Eli Thynne (PS)
  • 2013 Esther Rajendran (BSB), Marlene Reichel (PS), Claudia Rodriguez (EEG)
  • 2012 Kai Chan (PS), Andrew Kahn (EEG), Michael Wong (BSB)
  • 2011 Sandra Binning (EEG), Lauren Du Fall (PS), Kylie Easton (BSB).

Contact: Spencer Whitney spencer.whitney@anu.edu.au