RSB Student scholarships & prizes

Scholarships and Prizes available to eligible Biology students.

Flagship Biology Prizes & Scholarships

Title Elegibilty
Research School of Biology Director’s Prize in Honours Honours students undertaking BIOL4001
Research School of Biology Outstanding Thesis prize PhD or MPhil student having submitted a thesis in the last calendar year
Denis Carr Prize Best paper published by a higher degree research (PhD, MPhil) candidate
Hiroto Naora Graduate Student Travel Scholarship HDR students, one from each division in RSB
Indigenous Knowledge Travel Grant
  • Students having completed 24 units in any BIOL courses
  • are undertaking a short program of study at Charles Darwin University (CDU)
  • Enrolled in CIK240, CAS110 or other suitable courses

Biology Honours Scholarships

Further information on Biology Honours Scholarships would be provided before the end of October 2021. The following scholarships are currently available to Biology Honours students: