Biology Teaching and Learning Centre

BTLC laboratory staff BTLC laboratory staff

The Biology Teaching and Learning Centre (BTLC) coordinates all biology teaching across the campus.

The BTLC team, consisting of teaching staff, laboratory staff and student administrators, provides services to staff and students related to undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs and courses.

The physical and postal address of the BTLC may be found on our Contact us page.

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Research Skills workshop for HDRs - Beyond plan B: post PhD careers in an age of uncertainty

Event | Thu 7 November 2019
In this workshop we look at the available markets for your PhD skills outside of academia and how to approach the transition between academia and industry.

Rachael Remington

Story | Tuesday 1 May 2018
I love that I’m constantly being challenged to develop new teaching methods to meet the changing needs of student learning styles- from traditional to international to mature age students.

Andras Keszei

Story | Thursday 23 March 2017
In my research, I have been a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, which is well suited to teaching the large first year classes ranging in topics from evolution and ecology through to biochemistry and molecular biology.

January was a busy month for outreach

Story | Monday 30 January 2017
January is not normally thought of as a teaching-heavy month, but RSB members were involved in a number of outreach events early this year.

Isabelle Ferru

Story | Monday 14 November 2016

I am passionate about health and disease in general and particularly how the health of vulnerable populations can be improved.

Juliey Beckman

Story | Monday 2 May 2016
It is such a great pleasure of mine to introduce students to the breadth of biological disciplines that they can study and research here at RSB.