Plant Services Team

RSB Plant Services consist of the Research and Teaching Greenhouses and the Controlled Environment Facility (CEF), with the majority of facilities located at the rear of the RN Robertson Building (Bld 46). An additional 32 reach-in chambers are housed in the NCRIS Facility located in the Linnaeus Building (Bld 134). 

The Plant Services team supports the School’s plant research by providing horticultural advice and assistance on all aspects of plant care and cultivation, advice on experimental setup within the plant growth facilities as well as undertaking the day to day operations, maintenance and management of the facilities and associated equipment.

  • Controlled Environment Facility (Bld 46C)
  • The Linnaeus Building: (Bld 134)
    • Plant Growth Facility (PGF)
    • Constant Temperature Rooms (CTRs)
    • NCRIS Facility
  • Greenhouse Facilities (Bld 46)
  • Shadehouses and Fieldplots (Bld 46) 

Other facilities /services include a Central Services Building, Pot Washing Facilityand Root Washing Facility.

Plant Services Coordinator

CEF Coordinator

Horticultural Technician

Horticultural Assistants

Technical Assistants

Science over summer

Story | Thursday 12 January 2023
As campus takes a break, we have a look at some of the science which never stops – and the people who keep it running, every day of the year.