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Biocomics: Women and Girls in Science »

A series of biocomics celebrating RSB women and girls in science, by Marina Trigueros at Cariboo design.

Biology student informational documents. »

BTLC student informational documents.

Cassava Cyanide Diseases and Neurolathyrism News (CCDN News) »

CCDN News will consider for publication short articles and letters written in English concerned with all aspects of cyanide poisoning, konzo, TAN and other cyanide diseases arising from consumption of cassava and all aspects of neurolathyrism arising from consumption of Lathyrus sativus or related species.

Konzo Kits »

Kits developed for determination of cyanide and thiocyanate levels are an important tool in the control of Konzo.

Parasite Games »

Here is a parasite memory game to try!

Where the wild things grow »

Secondary teaching resources