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Identification and functional characterisation of flax rust effectors

Plant pathogens produce secreted proteins during infection of their hosts and these proteins, known as effectors, aid in the infection process. In turn, plants have evolved disease resistance genes encoding receptor proteins that can trigger a highly effective defence response upon recognition of these effectors.

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Exploring Australia’s diversity for pathogens of weeds Honours, Masters
Acacia evolution: why do some species evolve faster than others? Bachelor, Honours, PhD
New methods in phylogenetics Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Reading the history of mutations in individual plants Honours, Masters, PhD
3D modelling of navigation environments Not open to students.
A changing climate and coastal marine ecosystem function Masters, PhD
A molecular view of Australian biodiversity - exploring insect genomes for major shifts in functional genes Masters, PhD
A synthetic biology approach to supercharging plant CO2 fixation Honours, Bachelor, PhD
A unique non-human model for the evolution of musical tool use: drumming by the palm cockatoo Not open to students.
Abiotic stress signalling, developmental programming and plant adaptation Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Above and below-ground specialization in Australian orchids Not open to students.
Acoustic communication in birds Honours, PhD
Adaptations of solid tumours to their environment Honours, Masters, PhD
Alarm signals and interspecific eavesdropping Honours, PhD
Amazalert: raising the alert about critical feedbacks between climate and land use change in Amazonia Not open to students.
Analysis of gene expression Not open to students.
Anatomical coordination of water supply and demand Bachelor
Aquatic conservation ecology Honours, Masters, PhD
Aquatic ecosystem ecology Honours, Masters, PhD
Ascochyta blight of chickpea Not open to students.
Australian native truffle diversity Honours
Avian ecology and climate change Not open to students.
Beating the heat? Population genomics of climate change in Australian birds Not open to students.
Behaviour, morphology and ecology of fishes in extreme environments Honours, Masters, PhD
Bioinformatic / Computational methods Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD