Huttley Group - Bioinformatics, molecular evolution of genomes

The Huttley Group focusses on understanding what processes shape the distribution of genetic variation. We have a particular interest in understanding the influence of factors affecting mutation and how best to represent these effects in statistical models. The driving biological questions lie in the realm of population and molecular evolutionary genetics. The nature of our work is largely computational and statistical. We spend considerable effort in the development of new statistical models and implementing those in software.

Two major outputs from the Group are the cogent3 software library for molecular evolutionary analysis and the related QIIME2 software suite for interrogation of microbial ecology.


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Gavin Huttley

Story | Thursday 29 September 2016

Group research focus

ANU and CSIRO open new agriculture research lab

Story | Friday 29 July 2016
ANU and the CSIRO have opened a new collaborative research centre to focus on environment, agriculture and global food supplies.
Recorded EE Webinar - Helmut Simon

E&E PhD Exit Seminar: Mutations, Models and Probability

Event | Tue 8 December 2020
I examine how some established population genetic models can be extended to accommodate insights from newer data and analytic methods.

E&E PhD Exit Seminar: Novel techniques for measuring the effect of neighbouring bases on mutation

Event | Fri 21 September 2018

Understanding the factors influencing mutation can improve mutation detection techniques, identify diagnostic signatures of disease-causing mutagen