Connecting to the ANU VPN service

  • ANU provides remote access via VPN (virtual private network) to a range of ANU and RSB internal services, fileshares etc.
  • Use these to acess ANU internal services when off campus, or on site but not connected with an ethernet cable.
  • The two VPN options, GlobalProtect (GP) and Anyconnect, are compatible with Windows, Mac, and some Linux operating systems.
  • Note: you can't run both GP and Anyconnect at the same time. Here's how to switch.
  • Some sites (e.g., or ) are best accessed through from off-campus.

GlobalProtect VPN (2020 onwards)

CISCO AnyConnect VPN (pre 2020 service)

  • This service will be decomissioned some time in 2020.
  • You must first request access to RSB IT (see our contact email below).
  • Windows or Mac, Linux: navigate to the ANU Remote Access site.
  • Download and install a client appropriate to your operating system.
  • Ubuntu: How to install AnyConnect on Ubuntu 18.04 or 19
  • Or, if you're on an ANU Windows PC, go to your start menu and search for 'Software Centre'.
    This is the ANU App store. You can download App Store software without Administrator rights.

Open the VPN client and configure to the following settings:

  1. Connect to if this option doesn't exist, type or copy-paste it into the dialogue box
  2. Enter username, which is your ANU ID followed by "@rsb" (eg u1234567@rsb)
  3. Enter your password.
  4. If it doesn't connect, check that there's nothing listed in your browser's 'bypass proxy' settings for hosts or domains.