Examining Rubisco - Rubisco activase interactions.

Genetic, biochemical and physiological tools are being used to explore which residues in Rubisco and its chiropractic helper protein, Rubisco activase, that influence their interactions.

The activity of Rubisco in higher plants is regulated by a nuclear-encoded chiropractic “helper” protein, Rubisco activase (RA). Using energy generated from ATP hydrolysis RA facilitates the removal of inhibitory sugar phosphate ligands from the Rubisco active sites via a poorly understood interactive mechanism (hindered by the inability to obtain a crystal structure of RA). To better understand Rubisco-RA interactions we are utilising genetic, biochemical and physiological tools to explore which residues in Rubisco and RA influence their selective interaction in tobacco chloroplasts.

Suggested reading

  • Portis AR, Jr., Li C, Wang D, Salvucci ME (2008) Regulation of Rubisco activase and its interaction with Rubisco. J Exp Bot 59: 1597-1604.