Abiotic stress signalling, developmental programming and plant adaptation

A wide range of opportunities are available for research projects within the lab, from short-term  undergraduate research projects to Honours, Masters and PhD  projects, in any of the following:

 - Roots as sensors and signalling agents to aerial meristems, expanding leaves and stomata.

- Master genes for inter-organ coordination of plant development and plasticity under adverse conditions.

- Leaf patterning, leaf surface characteristics and intercellular communication for an optimal trade-off between carbon gain and water loss.

- Environmental sensing in seeds: germinate or remain quiescent? Molecular controls; adaptive significance.

- Tapping into the gene pool of tomato wild-relatives to improve drought resistance.

If you are interested, contact josette.masle@anu.edu.au.

Our projects can  be tailored to a wide range of interests, from physiology, to developmental biology, biophysics, genetics, gene regulation, and whole genome approaches, and scales spanning from molecular to whole porganism.