Linking intracellular communication to whole-plant stress responses

This is a major area in our lab and connects to other projects as well.  Projects range from chemical genetics screens for targeted manipulation of chloroplast signals, site-directed mutagenesis of key cellular signalling proteins through to unravelling the dynamics of RNA synthesis and decay (see below), guard cell signalling and protein-metabolite interactions. A key focus of this project is the SAL1-PAP retrograde signalling pathway.

More information

See Pornsiriwong et al 2017, eLife; Chan et al (2016) Annu Rev Plant Biol; Chan et al (2016) PNAS plus earlier papers by our group, including Estavillo et al 2011 Plant Cell

Possible Techniques: molecular genetics, biochemistry, LC- and GC-MS, developmental biology, drought stress physiology, “-omics” technologies, and chemical genetics/biology.

See; and for background into our lab and our major collaborators.