What are novel mechanisms for regulating transcription, RNA turnover and protein translation

This series of project builds upon the chloroplast signalling work, but moves into large scale biology with projects ranging from epigenetics and drought stress, novel mechanisms for regulating transcription, identifying novel regulators of RNA decay and defining the intersections between stress signalling and RNA, protein translation and protein decay.

Two papers are currently under review/revision and earlier papers on SAL1-PAP give insights into the strategy and questions.

More Information

Possible techniques: large scale biology from next gen sequencing to data analyses and mathematical modelling, molecular genetics, protein turnover

See http://biology.anu.edu.au/people/barry-pogson; http://biology.anu.edu.au/research/labs/pogson-lab-chloroplast-nuclear-signalling-light-drought-and-carotenoids and http://www.plantenergy.uwa.edu.au for background into our lab and our major collaborators.


Peter Crisp (independent research fellows)