CO2 acquisition by cyanobacteria and plants, & Synthetic Biology strategies for transplanting cyanobacterial CO2 Concentrating mechanism parts in crop plants

Projects deal with CO2 acquisition by cyanobacteria and plants, and impact of climate change, and engineering plants that use less water.

  • Synthetic Biology, Plant physiology, mebrane biology and molecular biology.
  • Molecular and physiological analysis of CO2 concentrating mechanisms (CCMs) in cyanobacteria and microalgae; Phylogentic analysis. ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis
  • Exploiting CCM components to engineer crop plants with greater productivity under semi-arid conditions (RIPE Project).
  • Strategies for building carboxysomes in plants chlooplasts (RIPE project) - Home | RIPE ( 
  • Construction and analysis of mutants.
  • CO2 sensing in cyanobacteria.
  • Regulation of gene expression.
  • Proteomic identification of protein complexes.
  • Photosynthetic enzyme analysis.
  • Ion transport mechanisms.
  • Electron microscopy and structural anlysis of carboxysomes.
  • Phylogenetics & horizontal gene transfer.