Membrane transporters and channels

The anti-epiletic drug phenytoin enters a membrane lipid bilayer pulling water behind it.

Membrane transporters and ion channels play a crucial role in the provision of nutrients to organisms and cells, they remove toxic compounds and waste, and are crucial in regulating excitability in the nervous system. In the Research School of Biology we target ion channels to treat human diseases and target transporters to treat type 2 diabetes and cancer. We use computational approaches to study the function of ion channels and investigate transport processes in parasites as novel targets to combat Malaria. 


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Aude Fahrer

Lab researching: Two main areas of research at the moment: 1. A very simple and inexpensive (and rather crazy!) cancer immunotherapy treatment I have...

Ben Corry

Following his passion for science, Ben Corry graduated with a PhD in Physics from ANU and is now a senior lecturer in the Research School of Biology...

Denisse Leyton

Group research focus Our research is focused on understanding the basic biology of autotransporters, outer membrane proteins typically found in...

Joe Brock

Group research focus My group focuses on understanding the function of integral membrane transporters and receptors from a structural perspective....

Kevin Saliba

Lab research Mainly looking at vitamin utilisation pathways, but also pH regulation, in the red blood cell stage of the human malaria parasite...

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