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Serotype-converting bacteriophages and O-antigen modification in Shigella flexneri

S. flexneri is subtyped into various serotypes based on the combination(s) of antigenic determinants present in the O-antigen. Structural studies have shown that all S. flexneri O-antigens, except for serotype 6, are polymers of the basic tetrasaccharide repeating unit, which is found in S. flexneri serotype Y strains.

This project is open to Honours, Masters and PhD students

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The role of RNA binding proteins in post-transcriptional gene regulation and plant biology. Honours, Masters, PhD
The Williams Plant Structural Immunology Group - Student Projects Bachelor, Honours, PhD
To what degree does autotransporter folding inside the bacterial cell resemble autotransporter folding in bulk solution? Honours, Masters, PhD
Understanding the role of peptide hormones in determining root architecture Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Unravelling novel Rubisco structures in algae PhD
Use of a tobacco Pathogenesis-related Protein-5 (PR-5) promoter: β glucuronidase (GUS) reporter system to study plant defence activation in response to phytohormones, abiotic stresses and biotic inducers. Honours, Masters, PhD
Vitamin utilisation by malaria parasites Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Vocal mimicry and display PhD
What are novel mechanisms for regulating transcription, RNA turnover and protein translation Honours, PhD
Wheat immunity and applied synthetic biology Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD