Research groups

Adamska Group - Genomic and evolutionary basis of animal development  »

Our research is aimed at uncovering the genetic and genomic basis of morphological complexity in animals, from both developmental and evolutionary perspectives.

Altin Group - Tumour immunology and liposome targeting group »

The Altin group on tumour immunology and liposome targeting.

Behm Group - Nematode molecular biology »

We use powerful biological resources provided by C. elegans to study aspects of nematode biochemistry, molecular biology and behaviour, and control methods.

Brock Group - Membrane Structural & Synthetic Biology »

The Brock lab loves membrane proteins; looking at them in atomic detail, discovering new drug molecules, and engineering them to create new biosensors. Join us!

Broer Group - Membrane transport and nutrition »

Broer group studies the role of amino acid transport in the onset of insulin resistance and the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism.

Callaghan Group - Human disease and membrane transport »

Our research focuses on understanding the contributions of membrane transport processes to disease and overcoming their impact in treating disease.

Chung Group - Biophysics of ion channels »

We are developing a computational program to study the interaction between polypetpides (drugs, toxins, other large molecules) and membrane ion channels.

Corry Group - Transport proteins and computational biophysics »

Corry group's research examines the structure and function of a family of pore forming proteins known as ion channels.

Fahrer Group - Immunology »

We are working on a very simple and inexpensive cancer immunotherapy treatment, and a bioinformatics study looking for novel proteins in different genomes.

Howitt Group - Transporter structure and function »

Howitt group explores how transporters function and aim to understand their molecular mechanisms.

Lehane Group - Antimalarial drug action and resistance »

We study membrane transport processes in the Plasmodium parasites that cause malaria.

Leyton Group - Assembly, function, and applications of nanoscale bacterial surface structures »

We study how autotransporters are assembled into bacterial outer membranes, and how they function to mediate infection and disease once they get there.

Maier Group - Molecular mechanisms of malaria pathogenesis »

The Maier Group focusses on the identification of molecules involved in malaria pathogenesis and transmission.

Maleszka Group - From molecules to behaviour »

We are investigating diverse epigenetic mechanisms in the context of behaviour and developmental plasticity, mainly using the honey bee model.

Saliba Group - Physiology and biochemistry of the malaria parasite »

The Saliba Group is investigating vitamin utilisation pathways in the red blood cell stage of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.

van Dooren Group - Cell biology and metabolism of apicomplexan parasites »

We study the basic biology of parasites, with the hope that such knowledge can be used in developing new treatment options against these formidable foes.

Verma Group - Bacterial and bacteriophage genetics, and vaccine development »

We investigate the molecular mechanism of the O-antigen modification in S. flexneri by studying the structure proteins responsible for these changes.