Jackson Group - SynBio

Our research interests lie at the interface between biology, chemistry and physics and are directed towards gaining an understanding of the fundamental chemistry that underlies biological function. For example, how is an enzyme is capable of accelerating chemical reactions? Or, how do mutations allow enzymes to evolve new functions?

Our group is also interested in applied science and using chemical techniques to manipulate biological systems, which can include the design of small molecules (drugs) that change the function of biological molecules or engineering proteins to make them function according to our needs.

Biochemist Sacha Pulsford is opening up nature’s toolbox to tackle Earth-sized problems

Story | Monday 9 May 2022
Meet the PhD researcher exploring how bacterial proteins could hold the key to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Canberra Protein Group Seminar Series

Event | Fri 6 May 2022
Please join us for the first Canberra Protein Group Meeting of 2022 this coming Friday. Where: Slayter Seminar Room, Robertson Building, RSB, ANU When: 3pm-4:30pm, 6th May 2022 We have two fantastic talks to kick us off.