Casarotto Group - Biomolecular Interactions

One of the fascinating properties of biological molecules is their remarkable ability to trigger a range of biological responses by adopting distinct three-dimensional structures. The range of structural diversity forms the basis of a wide range of scientific disciplines ranging from molecular recognition and drug design through to protein folding and design. The Biomolecular Structure Laboratory at the RSB seeks to carry out research that explores how the structural properties of biological molecules can impact on the biological process involved in health and disease. Through our close ties with biomedical researchers and clinicians at the RSB our laboratory is perfectly placed to examine how bioactivity is governed by molecular shape and recognition.

Although the main focus of our research is from a structural perspective, an integrated approach involving complementary techniques such as molecular biology, kinetics and molecular modelling are routinely employed in the laboratory. Research projects currently under investigation relate to a wide range of diseases and applications including cancer, malaria, heart disease, muscular dystrophy and virus-related illnesses such as AIDS and Ross River fever.