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Uncovering the hare microbiome

2018 Honours project - begining or mid-year start Two invasive lagomorph species are currently present in Australia, the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and the European brown hare (Lepus europeaus).

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Project Group Student intake
Sexual selection in changing in environments Honours, PhD
Shigella virulence and vaccine development Honours, Masters, PhD
Skeleton formation in soft corals and calcareous sponges Honours, PhD
Speciation in co-evolved taxa: sexually-deceptive orchids and their mycorrhizal symbionts PhD
Species discovery and refugia in the monsoonal tropics Bachelor, Honours, PhD, Masters
Sponge and coral microbiomes PhD
Statistical methods of sequence divergence Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
Structural basis of drug resistance in the Malaria parasite Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
Structural basis of Endometriosis Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
Student projects - additional topics for the future Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Student projects in thylakoid function and structure PhD
Student research projects in CO2 fixation and water loss of leaves Honours, Bachelor, PhD
Student research projects in tumour immunology and liposome targeting Honours, PhD
Studies on the biochemical regulation of C3 and C4 photosynthesis Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Studying pathogen proteins that cause disease Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
SUMMER SCHOLARSHIPS: Thermal tolerance and response to climate change in plants from extreme environments Bachelor
SynBio enabled biosensors Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
Synthetic biology to engineer novel disease resistance in cereal crops Bachelor, Honours, Masters
Synthetic nanotubes to mimic biological ion channels PhD
Targeting ion transport in apicomplexan parasites with new generation antimalarials Not open to students.
The biology of the mitochondrion of apicomplexan parasites Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD
The causes and consequences of dispersal in seed beetles Honours, PhD
The causes and effects of mortality in tropical Australian trees Not open to students.
The chemical, biochemical, genetic and ecological basis of pollinator-driven speciation in Australian orchids Not open to students.
The directed evolution of RuBisCO Not open to students.