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Enhancing carotenoid levels in cereals by esterification

We have identified a carotenoid esterase and are looking to understand its function in plants and to manipulate it in 1-2 cereals species to enhance antioxidant and provitamin A levels.

Possible techniques: molecular genetics, biochemistry, developmental biology, GMOs and plant transformation

Our first manuscript on this project is in preparation

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HONOURS/MSC PROJECTS: The evolution of plasticity in thermal tolerance Bachelor, Honours, Masters
Host social structure and the clonal composition of bacterial populations Not open to students.
How do animals learn about poisonous plants? Not open to students.
How do biological molecules distinguish between ions? Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
How do effector proteins from necrotrophic fungi cause disease in plants Not open to students.
How do growth and developmental temperature affect plant thermal tolerance? (*Honours 2020*) Honours
How do RNA binding proteins find the right partner? Honours, Bachelor, PhD
How do warming temperatures affect plant fitness? ** Midyear 2019 honours Honours
How does P-glycoprotein confer resistance to so many anti-cancer drugs? Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
How does parental environment affect dormancy status, germination strategy and early seedling growth characteristics? (*Honours S2 2019 or 2020) Honours
How does pfCRT confer drug resistance to malaria? Honours, Masters, PhD
Identification and characterisation of membrane transport proteins Honours, Bachelor, Masters, PhD
Identification and functional characterisation of flax rust effectors Honours, Masters, PhD
Identification of 2000 novel protein isoforms in the human and mouse genomes Bachelor, PhD
Identification of molecular mechanisms of action and direct target genes of developmental signalling pathways in sponges PhD
Identification of target genes of developmental transcription factors Brachyury, Gata and Caudal in sponges PhD
Identifying general rules why species differ in their sensitivity to climate variability Not open to students.
Impact of early thermal environments on thermal behaviour and physiology in lizards Honours
Implications of habitat patch dynamics for reef fish diversity PhD
Improving C4 photosynthesis by genetic manipulation Honours, PhD
Improving drought tolerance in wheat by selectively inhibiting negative regulators of drought stress signalling Honours, PhD
Infection of plants by rust fungi Not open to students.
Insect ecology, morphology or physiology Honours, PhD
Insect vision & navigation Not open to students.
Integrative taxonomy of Australian monsoonal herpetofauna Bachelor, Honours, Masters, PhD