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Research to turbocharge rice given major funding boost

Research that could transform global rice production by increasing yields from the world’s number one food crop has been boosted by five more years of funding.

Senior Biologist receives top ANU honours for 2019

Esteemed senior ANU biologist and mentor, Professor Barry Pogson, has been awarded the highest accolade for staff, the 2019 Peter Baume Award.

Killer wheat disease spreads without sex

Some clever detective work by an international team of scientists has uncovered how a deadly fungus - a stem rust called Ug99 - came about through some unusual breeding habits. The discovery will help protect wheat crops around the world from devastating fungal diseases.


PS Seminar Series - Turning up the heat: How will climate change affect forests and crops?

12pm 6 Apr 2023
Rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations could reach >1000 ppm by 2100, increasing global temperatures 3-4 °C. Both elevated CO2 and warming affect photosynthesis, altering plant growth, survival, and crop yield and quality.