Project Research theme Group
A synthetic biology approach to detect pathogen molecules in crops
    Agrochemical control of stress signalling pathways for enhanced stress tolerance
      Bioinformatics and gene discovery in wheat rust pathogens
        C4 Rice Project
          Cell specific activation of plant hormones
            Climate change and carbon gain in Antarctic mosses
              CO2 acquisition by cyanobacteria and plants, & Synthetic Biology strategies for transplanting cyanobacterial CO2 Concentrating mechanism parts in crop plants
                Coordination of chloroplast signals with cellular secondary messengers during abiotic and biotic stresses
                  Decrypting chloroplast signalling networks in C4 photosynthesis at cell type-resolution
                    Delivery of virulence proteins by fungal rust pathogens
                      Effector delivery by fungal rust pathogens
                        Electron transport and ATP synthesis in chloroplasts
                          Elucidating the role of plasmodesmata in wheat stripe rust fungal infection
                            Engineering microRNA pathways for broad-spectrum plant disease resistance.
                              Exploring Australia’s diversity for pathogens of weeds
                                Flavonoid functions in nitrogen-fixing symbioses
                                  How do effector proteins from necrotrophic fungi cause disease in wheat
                                    Laboratory overview
                                      Mapping the genetic mechanism of plasmodesmata formation and regulation to improve crops
                                        Microbial control of root developmental plasticity
                                          Postgraduate projects with research support: Drivers of climate change responses in the Australian Alps
                                            Protein function in plant immunity
                                              Quorum sensing signalling in root symbioses
                                                Regulation of chloroplast function via alternative splicing in the nucleus
                                                  Synthetic biology to engineer novel disease resistance in cereal crops
                                                    Uncovering the hare microbiome
                                                      Understanding the molecular basis of fungal rust diseases in plants
                                                        Wheat immunity and applied synthetic biology