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Owen Atkin at the opening of CEAT. Image Sharyn Wragg

Using satellites to benefit agriculture

Professor Owen Atkin is a Group Leader at RSB Plant Sciences, the Vice Chancellor's Entrepreneurial Professor at ANU, and the Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology (CEAT) - a collaboration between ANU and CSIRO, with investment from the ACT Government.

Back to the future: new study could lead to bumper crops

Research led by scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) could lead to major improvements in crop production.
Wheat photo courtest of Keith/Ewing on flickr

Research working to make wheat fungus a thing of the past

Researchers have a new understanding of the genetic makeup of a fungus that causes the disease Wheat Stripe Rust, one of the most destructive wheat diseases globally costing $1 billion annually.


PS Seminar Series - Turning up the heat: How will climate change affect forests and crops?

12pm 6 Apr 2023
Rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations could reach >1000 ppm by 2100, increasing global temperatures 3-4 °C. Both elevated CO2 and warming affect photosynthesis, altering plant growth, survival, and crop yield and quality.