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Shining stars of science honoured with Academy awards

Three researchers from ANU who've changed the way we see the world have been recognised for their ground-breaking work with prestigious awards from The Australian Academy of Science.

Detective work inside plant cells finds a key piece of the C4 photosynthesis puzzle

An impressive body of evidence published this week reveals the answer to a mystery that has puzzled plant scientists for more than 30 years: the role of the molecule suberin in the leaves of some of our most productive crops.

Finding the best targets to improve crop yield by following CO2 journey inside the leaf

A team of scientists have measured the relative importance of the different obstacles that carbon dioxide (CO2) encounters in its voyage from the atmosphere to the interior of plant cells. This research leading method provides much needed information that will help to increase the yield of important food crops.


PS Seminar Series: Revealing the Functions of SEPALLATA MADS-Box Genes in Cereal Floral Organ Development

12pm 29 May 2024
Grass genomes harbour a whole MADS-box gene blueprint of the ABCED model, which is the molecular basis of floral organ identity in angiosperm flowers.