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ANU to support Aussie start-up in growing plants on the moon

ANU will lend its unique expertise in plant biology to an ambitious mission led by Australian space start-up Lunaria One that aims to grow plants on the moon by as early as 2025. 

Scientists to harvest valuable resources from wastewater

A team of researchers from the ANU Research School of Biology and CSIRO has been awarded more than $1 million to develop technology that harvests valuable resources from our wastewater.

Fungi fighter named ACT’s emerging scientist

Using cutting-edge technology, biologist Dr Benjamin Schwessinger from The Australian National University (ANU) is helping to protect the biosecurity of Australia's unique flora and agricultural industry.


PS Seminar Series: Revealing the Functions of SEPALLATA MADS-Box Genes in Cereal Floral Organ Development

12pm 29 May 2024
Grass genomes harbour a whole MADS-box gene blueprint of the ABCED model, which is the molecular basis of floral organ identity in angiosperm flowers.

Event recordings

24 September 2021

Bradley Posch, PhD Student, Atkin Group, RSB, ANU

With the onset of climate change we have seen ongoing increases in mean global temperature, including a rise in night temperatures that has outpaced the rate of daytime warming.

12 May 2021

Dr Maria Ermakova, Post Doc, Furbank and von Caemmerer Group, RSB, ANU

Photosynthetic improvement has become a major focus for researchers seeking to increase yields of crop plants.

5 February 2021

Yiheng Hu, PhD Student, Rathjen Group, PS, RSB

Devastating fungal diseases threaten global food security and plant and animal populations, highlighting the need for rapid and accurate identification of fungal pathogens.

24 June 2020

Dr Megan Outram, Post Doc, Williams Group, RSB

Plant pathogens cause disease through secreted effector proteins, which act to modulate host physiology and promote infection. Often, effector proteins lack sequence identity to...

10 June 2020

Dr Florian Busch, Post Doc, Farquhar group, ANU

Photorespiratory metabolism is essential for plants to maintain functional photosynthesis in an oxygen-containing environment. Because the oxygenation reaction of Rubisco is...