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Watch and listen to recordings of our past presentations.

  14 May 2021

Zoltan Kocsi, Zeil Group, E&E, RSB

Visual insect navigation is an active research topic. Insects have low resolution eyes and a tiny brain, yet they continuously solve very complex navigational problems; an ability...

  13 May 2021

Suzanne Alonzo, University of California Santa Cruz

Sexual selection is an important evolutionary force, driving the evolution of striking traits that can appear not only beautiful, but also counter-intuitive and even ridiculous.

  12 May 2021

Dr Maria Ermakova, Post Doc, Furbank and von Caemmerer Group, RSB, ANU

Photosynthetic improvement has become a major focus for researchers seeking to increase yields of crop plants.

  6 May 2021

Fernanda Alves, Langmore Group, E&E, RSB

Despite conservation efforts, the number of species that have recovered after management remain small. Low success rate in species management can be attributed to severe lack of...

  30 April 2021

Zhuzhi Zhang, Head Group, E&E, RSB

How animals adapt to environmental stress has long been of concern. Studies looking at effects of resource limitation often focus on food. Water is also essential for life and can...

  29 April 2021

A/Prof Marc Johnson (University of Toronto) & Dr Martha Muñoz (Yale University)

Ecology and Evolution Discussions Down Under: The speed of evolution

  22 April 2021

Dieter Lukas, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig

There is great variation in how individuals interact with each other. Variation in sociality has been argued to reflect adaptations to the environment, but the exact links between...

  1 April 2021

Ashleigh Griffin (Oxford University, UK) & Lionel Page (University Technology, Sydney)

Ecology and Evolution Discussions Down Under: Cooperation

  18 March 2021

Prof. Daniel Cadena, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia & Prof. Janette Boughman, Michigan State University, USA

Ecology and Evolution Discussions Down Under

  4 March 2021

Martin Wikelski, Co-director, Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour

I’ll share some of the latest data on animal movement around the planet. I will highlight how this helps us to preserve biodiversity, to secure our global food supplies, to...