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  17 November 2021

Dr Bayantes Dagvadorj, Postdoctoral Researcher, Solomon Group, RSB, ANU

The wheat necrotrophic fungal pathogen, Parastagonospora nodorum, secretes effector proteins to manipulate host immunity and promote successful infection.

  12 November 2021

Judith Bourne, Gordon Group, E&E, RSB

Escherichia coli extraintestinal infections (ExPEC) cause significant disease in humans and companion animals (cats and dogs).

  8 November 2021

Professor Lindell Bromham

Lindell Bromham

  29 October 2021

Upama Aich, Jennions Group, E&E, RSB

What is the effect of male age under sexual selection? Studies testing for age effects on reproduction have largely focused on female ageing and maternal effects, and the...

  29 October 2021

Haochen Wei, PhD Student, Solomon Group, RSB, ANU

Bipolaris sorokiniana is a hemibiotrophic pathogen causing spot blotch (SB) and common root rot (CRR) in both wheat and barley, and is causal to significant yield and economic...

  21 October 2021

Emily DuVal, Florida State University

Social behaviors are essential to the lives of many animals. “Complex” social behaviors are interactions among conspecifics take many forms, including repeated associations with...

  20 October 2021

Professor Julian Hibberd, Professor, University of Cambridge

Prior to the discovery of C4 photosynthesis by Hal Hatch and Roger Slack in 1966 there were clues that some plants partitioned photosynthesis between specific leaf cell types.

  13 October 2021

Professor Susanne von Caemmerer, Emeritus Professor, RSB, ANU

Mathematical models of leaf photosynthesis provide a mechanistic base for predicting and assessing changes in photosynthetic CO2 fixation in different environments and provide a...

  11 October 2021

Professor Colin Jackson

Recorded seminar

  8 October 2021

Yi-Yang (Alex) Chen, Jennions Group, E&E, RSB

Canopy-forming seaweeds, generally brown macroalgae, are worldwide dominant primary producers and habitat constructors in our marine environments.