Event recordings

Watch and listen to recordings of our past presentations.

  12 October 2022

Assoc Professor David Collings, The University of Newcastle

Phi thickenings are peculiar secondary cell wall thickenings that form reinforcing bands around the radial walls of cortical cells in plant roots, a location where only a primary...

  7 October 2022

Andres Garcia, PhD candidate, Atkin Group - Plant respiration in a changing world

Global crop yields per hectare have plateaued in recent years while consumption and population continue to grow.

  28 September 2022

Mareike Moeller, Postdoc, Oregon State University, USA

The ability to rapidly adapt to changing environments, especially to artificial environments created by industrial agriculture and modern medicine, is crucial for the success of...

  27 September 2022

Professor Belinda Medlyn

Forest responses to a warming climate

  21 September 2022

John Passioura, Visiting Fellow, The Australian National University

‘Translational research’ became an increasingly common term when it was realised that much agriculturally inspired basic research failed to contribute to the improvement of crops.

  15 September 2022

Simone Babij, Leyton Group, BSB, RSB

Malaria kills around 400,000 people each year and the prevention and treatment of this disease is highly reliant on chemotherapy.

  2 September 2022

Truc Nguyen, Gordon Group, E&E, RSB

Extra-intestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli (ExPEC) strains are responsible for the majority of extra-intestinal infections in humans, including urinary tract infections,...

  31 August 2022

Yun Hsiao, Rowell Group, E&E, RSB

Cycads are subtropical and tropical palm-like gymnosperms, commonly known as “living fossils” as they arose in the late Paleozoic and were much more diverse and dominant during...

  26 August 2022

Lauren Harrison, Head & Jennions Groups, E&E, RSB

Males compete against each other for female attention, for access to mating opportunities, and the sperm of multiple males can compete to fertilise a female’s eggs.