Event recordings

Watch and listen to recordings of our past presentations.

  7 September 2021

Caroline Ng

Recorded seminar

  7 September 2021

Jodi Young

Recorded seminar

  7 September 2021

Danielle Way

Recorded seminar

  6 September 2021

Lucy Aplin


  6 September 2021

Damien Farine

Recorded seminar

  2 September 2021

Prof Rebecca Kilner, Cambridge University, UK

For more than 50 years, the scientific study of animal behaviour has been defined by Tinbergen’s Four Questions. Two of his questions consider the connection between evolution and...

  12 August 2021

A/Prof Patrick Savage, Keio University, Dr Xia Hua, Australian National University

Invited Panel: Michael Kasumovic & Dominique Potvin

  5 August 2021

Rob Brooks, University of New South Wales

New developments in robotics, virtual reality, and especially artificial intelligence (AI) are giving rise to a new type of technologies: the ‘artificial intimacies’.

  2 August 2021

Professor Aude Fahrer

A simple and effective bacterial-based intratumoural cancer immunotherapy.

  27 May 2021

Prof Anna-Liisa Laine, University of Zurich, Dr Ben Ashby, University of Bath

Invited Panel: Ary Hoffmann, Karyn Johnson, Ben Schwessinger