Event recordings

Watch and listen to recordings of our past presentations.

  24 September 2020

Yagmur Erten, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Each cell division comes with the risk of mutations that could eventually lead to cancer. How do organisms attain their mature sizes without succumbing to cancer? What happens...

  18 September 2020

Eve Cooper, Kruuk Group, E&E, RSB

Iteroparous animals often express dramatic variation in life-history traits over the course of a lifetime.

  3 September 2020

Fiona Fidler, School of Biosciences/Historical & Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne, In conversation with Rachael Brown, School of Philosophy, ANU

Metascience, or metaresearch, is a field of research that has grown out of the replication crisis. Amongst other things, metascience evaluates and monitors open science...

  27 August 2020

Menno Schilthuizen, Natural Biodiversity Centre, Leiden, Netherlands

Menno Schilthuizen is an evolutionary biologist with the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, the Netherlands. He is also an active science writer and speaker.

  21 August 2020

Tom Rowell, Magrath Group, E&E, RSB

Captive breeding and reintroduction are key to modern conservation, but high predation in recently released animals means reintroductions often fail.

  20 August 2020

Stuart Ritchie, King's College London

Why is there a Replication Crisis? That is, why are there so many findings in the published scientific literature that can't be replicated, or are exaggerated far beyond...

  13 August 2020

Dr Rod Peakall, Division of Ecology and Evolution, RSB, ANU

Native Australian orchids have featured strongly in Rod's research, where he has explored a range of fascinating ecological, biochemical, molecular and evolutionary questions...

  6 August 2020

Jonathan Losos, Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, USA

Jonathan Losos will speak on his career-long experimental research program manipulating the presence of lizards on small islands in the Bahamas to test ecological and evolutionary...

  30 July 2020

Lucy Aplin, Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour, Konstanz, Germany

There is an increasing body of evidence for the existence of animal cultures. Recent work has also suggested cultural traits can be subject to selection, changing in form,...

  28 July 2020

Rod Peakall, E&E, RSB

Annals of Botany Special Lecture by Professor Rod Peakall (ANU) at the Botany 2020 - Virtual meeting July 27-31, USA