Marcel Cardillo

Lab research

Spatial and phylogenetic patterns of biodiversity, and the macroevolutionary and ecological processes that generate these patterns. A major current focus is the amazing plant diversity of Australia’s southwest corner. We also do more conservation-oriented work on patterns of extinction risk among species.

Greatest achievement

Keeping an academic career afloat while also keeping four small children fed, clothed and happy. Scientifically, helping produce the first species-level phylogeny of the mammals. Not because it represents the last word in mammal evolution, but because – with over 1000 citations – it seems to have facilitated a huge amount of research on mammals around the world.

Next big thing

My personal next big thing (whether others agree remains to be seen) is to explore links between community-level ecological processes and large-scale macroevolutionary patterns.

Your science hero

I don’t really have heroes, but one ecologist who earns my greatest respect is Daniel Simberloff – he did more than anyone to ensure community ecology was placed on a solid statistical foundation.