Kirk Group - Membrane transport in parasites

Kiaran is not currently taking on students.  All projects in which he is involved are undertaken in collaboration with the labs of Dr Adele Lehane and/or Dr Giel van Dooren and students are encouraged to contact them in relation to potential research projects.

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Characterising putative transporter proteins in apicomplexan parasites identifies one that is critical for Toxoplasma gondii invasion

Event | Thu 5 March 2020
PhD exit seminar by Sanduni Hapuarachchi from the van Dooren Group at the Research School of Biology, whose work highlights the important roles transporters play in parasites and open avenues to further explore this important class of proteins.

Feeling hot in here: thermotolerance and drug sensitivity in malaria parasites

Event | Fri 28 February 2020
Audrey Odom John, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. A physician-scientist, Dr. John’s NIH-funded research has focused on Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasites, with a particular interest in targeting parasite metabolism to identify novel targets for drug development

Roles of IgM in immunity to malaria in humans

Event | Thu 13 June 2019

A key mediator of protective immunity to malaria is antibodies that block merozoite invasion of the RBC.

Targeting host cell factors as a novel anti-malarial strategy

Event | Thu 11 April 2019

Malaria causes a significant health burden worldwide. An efficient vaccine has yet to be developed but a handful of treatment options exist.

New tools for malaria eradication: integrated packages for geospatial mapping, population-based sampling and high-sensitivity testing

Event | Thu 28 February 2019

Malaria elimination/ eradication has been a global policy for the past decade and has enabled some tremendous achievements.

Characterising a novel family of amino acid transporters in Toxoplasma gondii.

Event | Thu 9 August 2018

Apicomplexans are a phylum of unicellular eukaryotic parasites that cause a range of diseases in humans, including toxoplasmosis and malaria.

Piezo channels: tension, tethers and transduction

Event | Thu 26 July 2018

Mechanosensitive channels are fundamental molecular components of mechanosensory systems in all organisms.