More about the Jennions Lab

Lab awards and achievements

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  • A study led by Andrew Kahn on female choice based on male genital size in fish was published in Nature
  • A study led by Tanya Detto & Pat Backwell on territorial cooperation in crabs was published in Nature
  • A study led by Brian Mautz on mate choice in humans was published in Nature
  • Michael Jennions is a Deciding Editor of Journal of Evolutionary Biology
  • Michael Jennions is  a Consultant Editor of Biological Reviews
  • Michael Jennions was an Associate Editor of Behavioural Ecology & Sociobiology
  • Michael Jennions was on the Board of Reviewing Editors of Journal of Evolutionary Biology
  • Michael Jennions was a Consulting Editor of Animal Behaviour
  • Michael Jennions lectured in Vision and hearing in BIOL1003
  • Michael Jennions lectured in parasitology and assisted in the field component of Marine Biology BIOL62112.

Past members

Post Doctoral Fellows

  • Dr Clint Kelly (now a lecturer at Iowa State University)

PhD students

  • Dr Isobel Booksmythe (now post-doc at Uppsala, Sweden)
  • Dr Richard Milner (now at EnvironmentACT, Canberra)
  • Dr Brian Mautz (now post-doc at Ottowa, Canada)
  • Dr Jean Drayton (now working at DAFF, Canberra)
  • Dr Bob Wong (now a lecturer at Monash University)

MSc students

  • Kobus Boeke (MSc through University of Gronigen)
  • Michelle Shackleton (now working for GetUp)

Honours Students

  • Jonathan Henshaw (now doing PhD) (Hons co-supervised with Hanna Kokko)
  • Andrew Kahn (now doing PhD)
  • Jessica Bolton (co-supervised with Patricia Backwell)
  • Katie Humphrey (co-supervised with Chris Fulton)
  • Fred Hayes
  • Leah Bala.