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World leading ANU scientists recognised among nation's best

A plant biologist and geochemist from The Australian National University have both been recognised for their outstanding contributions to their fields of science.
Jeremy Pickett-Heaps

Vale Jeremy David Pickett-Heaps

One of the illustrious founder members of RSBS passed away on 11 April 2021. Jeremy David Pickett-Heaps FAA, FRS worked in the (then) Department of Developmental Biology from 1968-70. His surveys of ultrastructural aspects of cell division in green algae (many collected from Lake Burley Griffin and Sullivan’s Creek) led him to a new formulation of the evolution of the Plant Kingdom, a landmark contribution in the plant sciences, now confirmed and fleshed out by sequencing data.

Drought impacts on Amazon rainforest microbes: unusual soil fungi dominate, a large biogeochemical switch and likely increased drought resistance

A new study shows that long-term drought in biodiverse Amazonian tropical rainforest can fundamentally change the soil, increasing the abundance of an unusual group of fungal species that may help the trees resist drought, and by altering the underlying biogeochemistry.


PS Seminar Series: The roots of productivity: deciphering how small, secreted peptides regulate nitrogen demand signalling and symbiotic root nodule formation

12pm 29 Mar 2023
Nitrogen is a key determinant of crop productivity as the acquisition of nitrogen is crucial for photosynthesis and growth.

PS PhD Exit Seminar - Characterisation of the SIX6 effector protein from Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici

3.30pm 31 Mar 2023
Fungal pathogens of crop plants are a major cause for yield loss and a critical concern for global food security.

PS Seminar Series - Turning up the heat: How will climate change affect forests and crops?

12pm 6 Apr 2023
Rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations could reach >1000 ppm by 2100, increasing global temperatures 3-4 °C. Both elevated CO2 and warming affect photosynthesis, altering plant growth, survival, and crop yield and quality.