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Could our food choices have a positive green impact?

Making good food choices is necessary both for ourselves and for the planet, says plant scientist Professor Justin Borevitz.

Zooming in on legumes offers hope for nitrogen pollution crisis

While Angus Rae focuses intently on a captivating microscopic world, he is actually working towards a solution for an environmental catastrophe occurring on a global scale.

ANU centre to turbo-charge crop production

A new research centre based at ANU will train the next generation of scientists to develop more resilient crops and significantly grow Australia's agricultural sector.


PS Seminar Series: Redesigning plants to support long-term Space exploration and for on Earth sustainability

3.30pm 28 Sep 2023
Jenny Mortimer is Associate Professor of Plant Synthetic Biology at the University of Adelaide, Australia, in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine & The Waite Research Institute.