Kasimir Gregory

Kasimir obtained a Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Science (Hons - Chemistry) from the University of Newcastle in 2018 and followed by undertaking a PhD there under the supervision of Prof. Alister Page, Prof. Erica Wanless and Prof. Grant Webber. During his PhD he investigated specific ion effects via computational and quantum chemistry. Now he is undertaking a postdoctoral fellowship under the supervision of Prof. Vince Craig to continue this project experimentally. He also has a podcast, Anion the Future, for exploring Academics Novel Ideas, Origins and Networks.

Research interests

Investigating the origins of specific ion effects and Hofmeister effects. In other words, looking at many different salts (beyond just sodium chloride table salt). A thorough understanding in this field may produce more reliable predictive theories, and as a consequence could be used to accelerate our research and understanding of many parts of medicine, power technologies, nutrition and many more areas of research (given ions form a large portion of all chemistry).