Rachael Remington


What is your research interest?

My research has primarily focused on freshwater fishes: from investigating patterns of desert larval fish drift ecology to evolution of turbid-water traits in North American minnows. One highlight of my research has been working with amazing aquatic critters from desert spring systems in Ash Meadows (USA), Cuatro Cienegas (Mexico) and Dalhousie Springs (Australia).

What is your teaching focus?

I have taught a range of undergraduate subjects over the past 20 years and particularly enjoy Environmental Biology and Big Questions in Biology which involve critiquing paradigms in science. Here at ANU I have also been teaching Masters-level research courses and working on developing the Biology Masters of Science program. This program is growing rapidly, especially with the international community, so please contact me if you are interested in becoming involved or would like to provide insight on the needs of the Masters students.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I love that I’m constantly being challenged to develop new teaching methods to meet the changing needs of student learning styles- from traditional to international to mature age students. I feel a responsibility to help empower students to become independent critical thinkers who understand what sources they are basing their scientific views on. For me, it is rewarding to observe the changes in student problem solving techniques as they apply these skills.  Additionally, teaching others allows me to express my passion for biology and I find that this enthusiasm is contagious for students!