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Research working to make wheat fungus a thing of the past

Researchers have a new understanding of the genetic makeup of a fungus that causes the disease Wheat Stripe Rust, one of the most destructive wheat diseases globally costing $1 billion annually.

New strategy to make plants more resilient to climate change

Researchers from ANU have developed a seed-collection strategy to help make trees or even food crops more resilient to future climate change.

Tiny highways in leaves could lead to more productive crops

Scientists at the Australian Research Council (ARC) ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis (CoETP) have found that some plants have ten times more communication channels inside their leaves than other plants, which they think is a crucial factor in determining photosynthetic efficiency.


PS Seminar Series - Harnessing synthetic gene circuits for customized gene expression patterns

12pm 24 Jul 2024
Plant carbon fixation, a vital process for capturing energy, profoundly influences various aspects of our lives, including food, clothing fibers, medicines, building materials, and even the production of human therapeutics.

MGI Agri genomics Seminar

12.30pm 24 Jul 2024
NGS for food security, disease resistance and bioengineering for climate adaption applications

PS Seminar Series - Evolution as a lens into lncRNA functionality

3.30pm 26 Jul 2024
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have recently emerged as prominent elements of the regulatory transactions of eukaryotic genomes.

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