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Professor Rana Munns receives 2018 Ralph Slatyer Medal

Professor Rana Munns, an eminent Australian plant scientist who works on increased crop production on dry or saline soils has been awarded the Ralph Slatyer Medal for outstanding biological research for 2018.

Research working to make wheat fungus a thing of the past

Researchers have a new understanding of the genetic makeup of a fungus that causes the disease Wheat Stripe Rust, one of the most destructive wheat diseases globally costing $1 billion annually.

New strategy to make plants more resilient to climate change

Researchers from ANU have developed a seed-collection strategy to help make trees or even food crops more resilient to future climate change.


PS Seminar Series - Molecular coordination between plant surface and intracellular immune receptors

3.30pm 1 Mar 2024
Plants rely on their sophisticated innate immune system to protect themselves from surrounding disease-causing pathogens.