Project Research theme Group
Acacia evolution: why do some species evolve faster than others?
Ascochyta blight of chickpea
Australian Mountain Research Facility (AMRF, ARC LIEF project)
Australian native truffle diversity
BeePocalypse Now: How the arrival of parasitic bee mites will change Australia's ecosystem and agriculture
Bioinformatic / Computational methods
Comparative genomics and development of corals
Coral development and comparative genomics
Development of the coral nervous system and its role in metamorphosis
Domestic applicants for PhDs in Ecology & Evolution
Ecological, social and food-security dimensions of Timor-Leste fisheries
Ecology of the Silky Hairstreak butterfly and its attendant ant, a potential indicator of old growth forest
Environmental risk assessment of genetically modified Alfalfa mosaic virus resistant white clover (Trifolium repens L.)
Evolution of scald and net form of net blotch
Evolutionary biology of Australian reptiles and amphibians
Evolutionary causes and ecological consequences of ageing in superb fairy-wrens (current PhD)
Factors affecting Perigord truffle production in Australia
Fungal bioinformatics
Investigating adaptive genomic variation underlying drought tolerance in Eucalyptus
Metagenomics and the analysis of microbial genomes
Molecular evolution and Phylogenetics
Organic components of the coral skeleton
PhD Scholarship top-up opportunity: Enhancing climate-resilience of ecological restoration
Phylogeny, biogeography and diversification of Australian plants
Postgraduate projects with research support: Drivers of climate change responses in the Australian Alps
Rate of contemporary adaptation in wild vertebrates
Re-assembly of biological communities during the Cenozoic
Speciation in co-evolved taxa: sexually-deceptive orchids and their mycorrhizal symbionts
Spread of innovation in urban sulphur-crested cockatoos
Statistical methods of sequence divergence
Students opportunities in Sequeira Group
Transcriptome and genome sequencing of the coral, Acropora millepora
Wild eco-evolutionary dynamics: why is an iconic Australian bird declining? (ARC Discovery 2019-2023))