Project Research theme Group
Acacia evolution: why do some species evolve faster than others?
ANU International PhD Fellowships at the Division of Ecology and Evolution, Deadline 31 August 2020
Australian Mountain Research Facility (AMRF, ARC LIEF project)
Bioinformatic / Computational methods
Comparative genomics and development of corals
Coral development and comparative genomics
Development of the coral nervous system and its role in metamorphosis
Ecological, social and food-security dimensions of Timor-Leste fisheries
Ecology of the Silky Hairstreak butterfly and its attendant ant, a potential indicator of old growth forest
Evolutionary biology of Australian reptiles and amphibians
Evolutionary causes and ecological consequences of ageing in superb fairy-wrens (current PhD)
Metagenomics and the analysis of microbial genomes
Molecular evolution and Phylogenetics
Organic components of the coral skeleton
Phylogeny, biogeography and diversification of Australian plants
Rate of contemporary adaptation in wild vertebrates
Statistical methods of sequence divergence
Transcriptome and genome sequencing of the coral, Acropora millepora
Wild eco-evolutionary dynamics: why is an iconic Australian bird declining? (ARC Discovery 2019-2023))