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A bee

As Varroa spreads, now is the time to fight for Australia’s honey bees – and you can help

We have a small and vanishing window to collect bees before the inevitable rapid spread of the varroa mites, and the mass die-offs, occur.

We discovered two new Australian native mammals – the first of their kind this century

Australia can lay claim to two new native mammal species, discovered as part of collaborative new research published in the journal Molecular Ecology.

An arachnophobe and an arachnophile walk into a lab

“We just need to educate people and build awareness of spiders, to show that they’re not actually the bad guys we want them to be.”


E&E Special Seminar: Colours of birds: are we measuring the right stuff? Levels of variation in avian plumage colouration

1.30pm 6 Mar 2024
Birds are some of the most colourful organisms on Earth - no wonder they are one of the most studied models in the evolutionary ecology of colour signalling.

E&E Seminar: A Life Outdoors

1pm 7 Mar 2024
Kate Grarock is an Environmental Scientist, Hiker, Filmmaker, and Keynote Speaker. She loves inspiring people to be as passionate about the environment as she is.

Event recordings

23 February 2024

Audrey Prasetya, Moritz Group, E&E, RSB

Despite only taking up 3% of the world’s total landmass area, the Indo-Australian Archipelago holds a disproportionate amount of biodiversity.

2 February 2024

Rosie Harris, Nicotra Group, E&E, RSB

My thesis explores the relationships between temperature and photosynthetic organismal physiology, focusing on the thermal tolerance of land plants and seaweeds, which are crucial...

27 November 2023

Richard Turner, Kruuk Group, E&E, RSB

A fundamental challenge in animal ecology research lies in the ability to understand the factors that shape the evolution and plasticity of behaviours, life histories, and...

27 November 2023

Andreas Bachler, Stone Group, Biological Data Science Institute (BDSI)

The Cotton Bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, is a globally distributed polyphagous pest with a profound economic and environmental impact.

2 November 2023

Alex Skeels, Cardillo Group, RSB

The extraordinary diversity of life has evolved alongside major changes in Earth’s climate and geography and understanding this link is one of the key goals of evolutionary...

20 October 2023

Yusuke Fukuda, Moritz Group, E&E, RSB

Human-crocodile conflict is becoming a conservation challenge worldwide. The saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) is the largest (>6 m total length, >1000kg) and most...

19 October 2023

R. Manjunatha Kini, National University of Singapore

Toxins are thought as villains as they cause death and debilitation. In reality, they have contributed more to improving our lives than cause death.

16 October 2023

Professor Justin Borevitz

Biodiversity rests on a foundation of adaptive and neutral variation within populations and species, that interact in communities or coexist in assemblages, to define ecosystems...

18 September 2023

Professor Robert Lanfear

How do you estimate a good phylogeny? Phylogenetic trees form the backbone of much of our understanding of evolution, so it's important we try to get them right

24 August 2023

Lesley Alton, Monash University

In nature, animals contend with numerous abiotic and biotic environmental challenges simultaneously.