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Brilliant ANU scientists take out Eureka prizes

The brains behind a book aimed at inspiring children with a gravity-defying emu and the team helping to save endangered languages are among the winners of Australia's top science awards - the Eureka Prizes.

Move over magpies: are cuckoos the meanest bird?

Since it’s Bad Bird Season, we ask cuckoo apologist - sorry, cuckoo expert - Professor Naomi Langmore to explain how it could possibly be that the cuckoo doesn’t mean to be mean, when it sure looks like it does.

Older males come out on top in battle of the breeders

Age is no barrier when it comes to reproducing for male mosquitofish.


PhD Exit Webinar: Does age matter? Effects of age and mating history on male reproductive success

4pm 29 Oct 2021
What is the effect of male age under sexual selection? Studies testing for age effects on reproduction have largely focused on female ageing and maternal effects, and the magnitude and direction of male age effects remain poorly understood.

37th meeting of the Australian New Zealand Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry

9am 10 Dec – 5pm 12 Dec 2021
1st Announcement for early bird registration - 37th meeting of the Australian New Zealand Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry

Event recordings

21 October 2021

Emily DuVal, Florida State University

Social behaviors are essential to the lives of many animals. “Complex” social behaviors are interactions among conspecifics take many forms, including repeated associations with...

8 October 2021

Yi-Yang (Alex) Chen, Jennions Group, E&E, RSB

Canopy-forming seaweeds, generally brown macroalgae, are worldwide dominant primary producers and habitat constructors in our marine environments.

23 September 2021

Jun Otsuka (Kyoto University), Tobias Uller (Lund University)

Invited Panel: Simone Blomberg and Shinichi Nakagawa

2 September 2021

Prof Rebecca Kilner, Cambridge University, UK

For more than 50 years, the scientific study of animal behaviour has been defined by Tinbergen’s Four Questions. Two of his questions consider the connection between evolution and...

12 August 2021

A/Prof Patrick Savage, Keio University, Dr Xia Hua, Australian National University

Invited Panel: Michael Kasumovic & Dominique Potvin

5 August 2021

Rob Brooks, University of New South Wales

New developments in robotics, virtual reality, and especially artificial intelligence (AI) are giving rise to a new type of technologies: the ‘artificial intimacies’.

27 May 2021

Prof Anna-Liisa Laine, University of Zurich, Dr Ben Ashby, University of Bath

Invited Panel: Ary Hoffmann, Karyn Johnson, Ben Schwessinger

14 May 2021

Zoltan Kocsi, Zeil Group, E&E, RSB

Visual insect navigation is an active research topic. Insects have low resolution eyes and a tiny brain, yet they continuously solve very complex navigational problems; an ability...

13 May 2021

Suzanne Alonzo, University of California Santa Cruz

Sexual selection is an important evolutionary force, driving the evolution of striking traits that can appear not only beautiful, but also counter-intuitive and even ridiculous.

6 May 2021

Fernanda Alves, Langmore Group, E&E, RSB

Despite conservation efforts, the number of species that have recovered after management remain small. Low success rate in species management can be attributed to severe lack of...