Self-organised Complexity of Shape symposium

18 April 2016

The Self-Organised Complexity of Shape Symposium on April 6 drew participants from across the ANU as well as other Australian universities together to explore the science, and art, of shape. The symposium took an interdisciplinary approach to explain the evolution of shape in biology, using leaves as a case study. Biologists, mathematicians, engineers and physicists joined with ANU artists for a thought provoking day of presentations and discussions. 

Group photo of speakers and organisers: Seated from left: Sharon Field (botanical artist), Tom Buckley (U. Sydney, biology), Arezki Boudaoud (ENS Lyon, biophysics), Adrienne Nicotra* (RSB), Vanessa Robins* (RSPE), Amit Singh* (RSB); first row standing from left centre: Susanne von Caemmerer (RSB), Elisabetta Matsumoto (Harvard, mathematics), Mary Byrne (U Sydney, biology), Graham Farquhar (RSB); second row standing: Abe Stroock (Cornell, bio-engineering), Julie Brooke (visual artist), Cathy Franzi (ceramic artist, RSB visiting fellow), Marcus Heisler (U Sydney, biology), Siobhann Braybrook (Cambridge, biology), Adrian Sheppard (RSPE), John Close* (RSPE), Justin Borevitz* (RSB), Michael Barnsley (RSPE); back row: John Reid (art and science, ANU), Roland Fleddermann (RSPE), Tim Brodribb (U Tasmania, biology). *organisers