RSB HDR Conference 2017 Awards

29 November 2017

Congratulations to all 91 students who presented at the 2017 RSB student conference – the inaugural event in the newly renovated Robertson building 46. The short-format talks once again provided a highly engaging showcase of the diverse and high calibre research being undertaken within RSB. Attendance at the event this year was unsurpassed.

I am indebted to the independence and proficiency of the student organisers - Sanduni Hapuarachchi & Xiaojun (Holly) Yuan (BSB), Jessica Fenker Antunes & Christiana McDonald-Spicer (E&E), Sally Buck & Annamaria De Rosa (PS). They delivered a wonderfully successful event whose organisation surpassed most professional conferences.

Thanks also go to Emmanuel Young, Pawan Parajuli and Steven Zabar for their help in setting up and packing away and to Helen, Hesam, Karen and Panit from the Biology Teaching and Learning Centre team for the “behind the scene” administrative efforts required to run the event. Thank you to those who “volunteered” to be session chairs, adjudicators, IT helpers and to the HDR program convenors (Adrienne Nicotra, Alex Maier and Spencer Whitney) whose efforts, as a collective, helped to ensure the event was a success.

As always (possibly more so this year), the outstanding quality of the presentations proved challenging to identify the award winners.

The winners of Hirota Naora award (each totalling $900) were Sarah Shafik (BSB), Thomas Rowell (E&E) and Ariel Ivanovici (PS).

The runner-up prizes of $250 were awarded to Holly (Xiaojun) Yuan (BSB), Xuankun Li (E&E) and Alexander Sloan (PS).

The winner of the One Minute Elevator Pitch was Melanie Ridgway (BSB).

The winner of the inagural Outstanding Thesis Award was Iliana Medina Guzmán (E&E). 

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