Symposium on Host-Microbiome Interactions – from Structure to Function

18–20 November 2019

A symposium on all aspects of host-microbiome interactions. Presentations will include genomics and bioinformatics of microbiomes, physical structure of microbiomes, plant- and animal microbiome interactions; soil and landscape microbiomes, ecology and evolution of host microbiomes. We aim to stimulate discussion across disciplines about the structure, function and evolution of microbiomes associated with a range of eukaryotic hosts and ecosystems, along with the best methods to study microbiomes. We would like to debate future prospects of utilizing host microbiome research to enhance health and sustainability of hosts and ecosystems.

Invited speakers include Prof. Rob Knight (UC San Diego, USA), Prof. Joan Roughgarden (Stanford University, USA), Assoc. Prof. Christian Voolstra (University of Konstanz, Germany), Dr Andrew Nottingham (University of Edinburgh, UK), Dr Alejandra Huerta (North Carolina State University, USA), Dr Ivan Liachko (Phase Genomics).

Registration open from 18 Oct 2019 til 20 Nov 2019



Robertson Lecture Theatre, Robertson Building #46, Research School of Biology, ANU


Gagan Bhardwaj