Brian Gunning

Emeritus Professor Brian Gunning FAA, FRS, Hon MRIA is a Visiting Fellow in the Mathesius Lab, Division of Plant Science.

Research interests

Plant cell biology


Selected publications

  • Hepler, P. K, Pickett-Heaps, J. D. and Gunning, B. E. S. (2013) Some retrospectives on early studies of plant microtubules. The Plant Journal 75:189-201

  • Gunning BES. (2009) Plant Cell Biology on DVD: Information for Students and a Resource for Teachers. DVD Springer Verlag 2009. The DVD provides browsing for students at all levels, and is a major resource of teaching material for tutors/lecturers. It contain >2000 images and >250 movie sequences/animations covering an introduction to plant cells, nuclei, ER, Golgi, plasma membrane, plasmodesmata, vacuole, mitochondria, plastids, peroxisomes, cytoskeleton, vesicle trafficking and organelle interactions.

  • Gunning BES, Koenig F, Govindjee (2006) A dedication to pioneers of research on chloroplast structure. Historical introduction. In: The Structure and Function of Plastids. (Eds. RR Wise, JK Hoober) Vol 23 in the series "Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration", Series Editor Govindjee, Springer. pp xi-xx.

  • Gunning BES (2005) Plastid stromules: video microscopy of their outgrowth, retraction, tensioning, anchoring, branching, bridging and tip-shedding. Protoplasma 225, 33-42.
  • Gunning BES (2001) Membrane geometry of “open” prolamellar bodies. Protoplasma 215, 4-15.
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  • Gunning BES (2000) John Heslop Harrison. Extended Biography and Edited Autobiography. pp 1-306.
  • Gunning BES, Schwartz OM (1999) Confocal microscopy of thylakoid autofluorescence in relation to origin of grana and phylogeny in the green algae. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 26, 695-708.
  • Pickett-Heaps J D, Gunning BES, Brown RC, Lemmon BE, Cleary AC (1999) The cytoplast concept in dividing plant cells: cytoplasmic domains and the evolution of spatially organized cell division. American Journal of Botany 86, 153-172.
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